Note* Our clients identity was published with their consent!

Louis from France lvb6330@gmail.com

As a first time customer I am always a little wary of making a large value purchase by bank transfer. The staff at LYONS VIDEO were excellent they responded to emails very promptly and the whole process was very smooth with me being kept informed as the process went on. I would have no hesitation in recommending www.lyons-video.com to my friends.

Alonso from Spain alonso911994@hotmail.com

I purchased all the equipment for my home theatre from https://www.lyons-video.com. It is a top quality; state-of-the-art installation and I am very pleased with the outcome and the continued interest and input from Kristian.
You can rest assured that if Kristian could give me the outcome I demand, you will be happy with your dealings with LYONS VIDEO.

Dr. Polz From Austria cristie80@gmx.de

It is a nice experience to deal with someone who is as passionate about audio as you are. LYONS VIDEO certainly exceeds in quality of service and pre-loved audio. I am pleased with the purchase of the DCS Paganini set sent reliably by courier from UK to Austria in original packaging including all accessories. I highly recommend this online store for international buyers of high-quality audio.

Shun and Kira from Hong Kong Kirk544@protonmail.com

We met with Kristian today, they stock amazing high end quality and affordable products and Kristian provided great and sound solutions for us, highly recommend this business thanks, Shun and Kira!

Jacob from Israel jac0ba19645@gmail.com

First time customer of www.lyons-video.com  but won't be my last and i have to say that the speakers i bought were as described in excellent condition and sent in double quick time.Very very happy customer.Thank you LYONS VIDEO!

Tom From Australia Kangoroo4tom@outlook.com

Very happy with my purchase and the service I received, if you up for a serious hifi upgrade, definetely go and have a chat to these guys.

Ryan from USA ryan888@post.com

Excellent service. Kristian was extremely helpful and delivery was speedy considering the size of the "The Sonus Faber "speakers. I purchased pre-owned but the speakers were immaculate. Would highly recommend www.lyons-video.com and will definitely use again in the future.

Mahato Amit from India

Excellent hi-fi dealer ; accurate description, next day delivery & great comms - Thanks

Friedrich from Germany frederiks3n85@gmail.com

LYONS VIDEO is my favorite vendor. I made my first purchase last week on January 7th, 2021 and I received the items
(2 X Kegon Balanced) on February, 10 st directly at my office. If you live in UK probably 3 days for the delivery is not something to highlight but I live in Germany, and it is incredible that in Just 3 days I can enjoy my purchase. Thanks a lot www.lyons-video.com, it was my first purchase but not the last one. In fact I am placing now an order for the Nordost Odin cables Thanks!!!!

Rowling from Hong Kong hkrowling19@yahoo.com

LYONS VIDEO gets some of the rarest products, and Kristian is extremely helpful. Will definitely order again.

Đồng from Vietnam dong606@asia.com

I bought from them over seas Vietnam but even across this distance I met very friendly emails somehow better or more genuine than I am used to. All questions answered with explanations plus photos. The unit I bought was promptly shipped and packed. The kind of service and knowledge you long for but which big (international ) companies with anonymous service departments although mostly friendly cannot provide anymore.

Note* Our clients identity was published with their consent!