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KARAN KA M 2000 Amplifier Monoblock's

KARAN KA M 2000 Amplifier Monoblock's

Karan ka-m2000 amplifier MONOBLOCKS, excellent crated.

Despite their heavyweight tank nature, the Karan flagships are civilized monsters. Their size is rather reasonable and they produce no heat.Only the weight is a challenge when you have to move them particularly with stairs involved.The ratio between load resistance (loudspeaker + cable) and amplifier output impedance is one of the highest in the solid-state market. This should confer outstanding ability to drive any speaker with large impedance swifts and produce great definition in the low-frequency range. Of course high damping factor basically means low output impedance. But electrical damping will mainly depend on termination. Reduce the length of your wire and you should benefit from higher damping.

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