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GRYPHON Mephisto Solo amplifiers PAIR

GRYPHON Mephisto Solo amplifiers PAIR

GRYPHON Mephisto Solo amplifiers  are a very strong 10/10 condition with no marks that I could find. There may be a flea bite here and there but I couldn't find one! Amplifiers are in their original flight cases ready to be shipped!


Pure Class A 200 Watts (8 Ohm), 400 W (4 Ohm), 800 W (2 Ohm), continuous RMS Monoblock configuration Zero global negative feedback 80 high current bipolar output transistors 1,000,000 microFarad capacitor bank DC servo-couplingGryphon internal wiring Output coupling via massive copper bussbars No output relays Decoupled transformer castings Military spec. double-sided printed circuit boards Optimal circuit layout for shortest possible signal path Two separate Holmgren toroidal transformers with internal magnetic shielding Separate power supplies for amp and digital circuits Gold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR input sockets Gold-plated custom-built Gryphon binding posts Backlit, touch-sensitive front panel controls 12V remote power trigger for automatic turn-on Automatic Green Bias setting or manual Low/Mid/High bias Non-invasive protection system Power consumption at idle below latest EU requirements Designed and built in Denmark 

    £30,000.00 Regular Price
    £27,900.00Sale Price
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