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The Lyons Video High-End Audio-Visual Dealer was established in 2007. Now beginning our 8th year. We carry a wide variety of fine products. We specialize in offering some of the finest quality components at various price points. For some, music is a passion to be taken seriously. For everyone else it’s a pleasure to be enjoyed whenever and wherever they want it. No matter what music means to you, you’ll find a hi fi or stereo system at that will be music to your ears. To read what some of our customers have said about experiences doing business with us please click here.

How to buy from us?
If you decide to proceed with your purchase from us, here is how it works:
-We will send you an invoice with our agreement and payment details.
-After you receive the invoice/agreement you can make the wire transfer to complete your part of the agreement
-We confirm via email receipt of your funds when they arrive.
-We prepare your equipment(s) for shipping and confirm via email when it is shipped.
-We ship your order and provide you with the tracking number via email.


Lyons Video Ltd. company registered in England and Wales. VAT Number. GB911792620/Company Number:06246630

Address:13 Limes Court, Conduit Lane, Hoddesdon, England,


WhatsApp:+44 7478 632382

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